Thursday, November 2, 2017

London... V&A museum

Last week right after the AQSG seminar I met David in London.  Gotta love those frequent flyer miles!  We've been to London many times but this was a first, me joining him on a business trip.

I was on my own while he had meetings, and then we would meet up for dinner.  We saw this wonderful, small, excellent, magical, intimate production of Romantics Anonymous.  Awkwardness and love.  Tiny theatre, massive talent, and delighted audience.  It is based on this charming movie.  A week later we are still talking about it.  So, so good! 

I had lazy mornings and then explored on my own in the afternoons.  Loved walking from our hotel through Hyde Park, and then on to the V&A.  I have a terrible - I mean, really absent - sense of direction, so the Citymapper App was my best friend!

First up at the V&A, the Woman's Hour Craft Prize exhibit.  LOVE.

I really enjoyed this small display of Celia Pym's visible mending work:

Gorgeous esthetic.  This is what wabi-sabi is ALL about. 

I dearly wish I'd been in London for one of her mending days at the V&A.

Read her statement here:

Next, a little walk through the life of the Buddha....

I could visit the V&A a hundred times and never tire of it (and admission is free)!


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

AQSG seminar

I have a moment today to catch my breath and reflect on the wonderful time had at the AQSG (American Quilt Study Group) Seminar this month in Manchester, NH! 

SO many old quilts to see, so much to absorb.  I snapped photos here and there, but they don't do anything to convey the richness of the lectures and "study centers".   There were six bed turnings, a silent auction, dinners, field trips, the works.  Quilt Lovers from ALL over the country.  An exuberant knowledgable bunch and I just held on and enjoyed the ride!

I helped with the NEQM bed turning on opening night.  Lots of variety from their collection, including the irresistable Little Women quilt:

Wendy Reed (The Constant Quilter) showed us some amazing sample books at Manchester Historic Society. 

Wendy and Barb (Fun with Barb) were the life of the party wherever they were;).

I enjoyed the Quilts and Color study center by Gerald Roy of Pilgrim/Roy fame

... and another about North Country "Comfortables" (comforters) from upstate NY.  Yes, tied quilts are legit!  I love that term - Comfortable - and loved these little stacked ties:

If you love old quilts, and history... and where they intersect - consider joining AQSG and let me know if you do!  There are occasional regional get-togethers.  Like being in school again - in all the best ways. 

Meanwhile... I am hoping for some good Trick or Treating foot traffic tonight, down our long driveway.   I look forward to meeting some neighborhood kids this way.  This is our first Halloween here, and only our second as empty nesters.  It's all so sweet...

and bittersweet...


Friday, October 13, 2017

Stepping Stones in quiet colors

I just finished up my latest Stepping Stones quilt for 2017-2018 - for a graduate of an orphanage in Tokyo.  This is an ongoing Mormon Helping Hands project.  We always use this free pattern from Bonnie Hunter.

This year I made a quilt for a boy named Yuki, who wants "quiet, whitish colors" 白っぽい落ち着いた色 which I interpreted as "low volume".  I used scraps, and a good quilter friend gave me a pile of great charms from her more "modern" stash. 

This is actually the first one I've made that looks WAY better in person than in the photos... 

Scrappy frugal backing using this and that from my stash:

Hard to capture the colors -

The white-whites really looks blue in this light - mmmmmm..... not really the effect I was going for...

My trusty quilt holder upper... and our new-to-us LONG driveway...

In a couple of years we plan to repaint the house a different color......

Anyway, there it is, the sixth and latest Stepping Stones quilt for Tokyo, ready for David to deliver the next time he is there.  My favorite color scheme so far, for sure!

Previous Stepping Stones quilts: 

2016 - 2017 blue and pink
2015-2016 - light green
2014-2015 - brown 
2013 - 2014 green 
2012 - 2013 yellow 

In other news, we are REALLY enjoying our local farm stand, Lull Farm.  

 And just waiting for the leaves to change color! (This is one view of the woods from our front porch).